Hindu family constructs tomb of Dargah with a cost of Rs 8 lakh

Rampur: Rampur district is an abode of Hindu, Muslim & Sikh unity. People here are always ready to help each other. A Hindu family constructed a tomb of the Dargah with the cost of Rs 8 lakh.

An old Dargah named Khushhaal Baba is located in a village at Sawar district. The Dargah is taken care of by J Kishan and his family members. As long as J Kishan was alive he used to take care of the Dargah and undertook construction work. The tomb of the Dargah remained incomplete after the death of J Kishan in 1966. J Kishan’s son Sompal was a government servant who was employed in various districts.

Lately, widow of J Kishan saw in a dream that someone asked him to complete the tomb as she had faith in the Baba. Hence the widow with the help of her son completed the construction of the tomb of the Dargah.