Hindu doctor listens to Holy Quran for ‘Shifa’ to his patients

Hyderabad: Dr Jagdish Anand Roy is one of the topmost ophthalmologists of Canada. He has been running his clinic for several years. But the most amazing part is that, though not a Muslim, Dr Jagdish plays recitation of Holy Quran in his clinic all the times. He mostly listens to Surah Yasin and Surah Rahman.


Speaking about this tradition, Dr Jagdish says Quran is for entire humanity. Relating the benefits of recitation of Quran, he says it keeps the environment of the clinic serene and it is good for ‘Shifa’ (recovery). Dr Jagdish claims that a research has concluded that listening to Surah Rahman five times will treat several eye ailments.

According to him, he has been playing the recitation of Holy Quran since the inception of the clinic. He and his patients get spiritual peace from listening to the Quran. Few patients ask him why he plays recitation of holy Quran. They are apprehensive if he wants to convert them. They consider Islam as the religion of terrorists.

Saying that Islam is the religion of peace, Dr Jagdish stressed the need to clear misconceptions about Islam. Dr Jagdish respects every religion and says regardless of minor differences, all religions are almost same.