Hindu deities posters on Masjid wall? City police warns against spreading rumours

HYDERABAD: The Hyderabad city police has warned against spreading malicious content with an intention to provoke a reaction and has appealed the citizens not to believe them.

In order to to disturb the secular fabric of the nation, morphed photographs of Hindu deities hung over a masjid has apparently started circulating on social media platforms which causes flutter in City.

The photograph was taken from such an angle as if the poster seemed to be pasted or hung over the mosque. But if one moves slightly aside, the actual image is far away.

The city police, taking to their verified Twitter and Facebook accounts, uploaded both the morphed and the real image of a place of worship so as to the dismiss rumours.

“Don’t circulate fake pictures on social media. Don’t believe in Rumours# Don’t spread or come under influence of any rumour or fake news or morphed photos. It is offence under IPC & IT Act (sic),” the tweet read.

Police appeal for restraint over false rumours and fake news and said the culprits would be punished as it is an offence under the Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act.