A Hindu cannot be a terrorist, says Haryana Minister Anil Vij

New Delhi: BJP leader and Haryana Health and Sports Minister Anil Vij alleged that the concept of Hindu terrorism does not exist and a Hindu can never be a terrorist.

The Minister called it a Congress ploy to establish a political plot that there is something called “Hindu terrorism”. Vij also alleged that Congress did all of this to have a political support, reports News18.

“There can’t be a terminology like Hindu terrorism. A Hindu cannot be a terrorist. Had there been Hindu terrorism, no other terrorism would be present in this entire region. This (Hindu terrorism) was only a political ploy by the previous Congress government to counter certain acts of terrorism where Muslims were involved,” he said.

Vij earlier also had made headlines when he said that it’s good that PM Modi replaced Gandhi on the Khadi calendars and diaries because “he’s a bigger brand name.”

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh took a dig at him, saying Vij was right because it is called “Sanghi terrorism” and not “Hindu terrorism”.