Hindi quarterly Udbhavna releases Ismat Chughtai number; Urdu-Hindi collaboration stressed

New Delhi: Ismat Chughtai is popularly known as Aini Aapa. Quarterly magazine Udbhavna published by Gyanpeeth publications dedicated its issue to Ismat Chughtai. The issue was released by World Urdu Trust Chairman A Rahman, Editor Janki Prasad Sharma, Dept. of Urdu Delhi University ex-professor Sadiq, Udbhavna publisher Ajay Kumar, Leeladhar Mandloi, Noor Zaheer at the World Kitab Mela organised by National Book Trust.

Speaking on the occasion Janki Prasad Sharma said Hindi and Urdu people should benefit each other. He said in the present situation where a particular religion is being linked with country’s culture is an open hooliganism. He said culture is different while religion is a different thing. Rahman said it is good to see that Hindi publishers are paying attention towards Urdu classic literature. A Rahman said World Urdu Trust in coordination with Janki Prasad Sharma will soon prepare plans to collaborate Urdu-Hindi.