If Hillary win _USA loses

(Krishna Saagar Rao) Hillary Clinton is not qualified to run as a presidential candidate in the US Presidential Election 2016 for very simple reason. She broke the law of the land willfully. Above that she destroyed evidence, subverted judicial process & abused of power. Public apology or feigning ignorance won’t undo the criminality of her actions. Hillary is no greenhorn neither to politics nor the government. She’s been there, done that for over three decades.

Hillary exactly knew what she was doing, when she was indulging in the brazen criminal act of federal violation. She risked with her actions, an entire nation.

If she were in any regular job by now, Hillary would have been fired & would not even qualify for another for very long. If it were any other official in her capacity, would have been by now through months of legal trials & end up in jail. However, neither happened & she is running for the top job of the world’s most powerful democracy. That’s a shame.

In my perspective, as an Indian & as an strategic analyst, in US Elections 2016 I clearly see the monotony of an ageing democracy & slippery ground for the two party political system. Looks quite like the American voter is demanding more choice than an overrun grind of legacy heavy Democrat & Republican parties. The voter fatigue is showing.

For now, Donald Trump seems to have successfully shaken up the sleepy, worn-out, systematic voting machine of US Democracy in general & Republican party in particular. He has brought in freshness to the otherwise bland, regular, straight jacket candidates & their well coached, scripted, heroic oratory.

US Presidential Elections from here on will be identified by an era of ‘Before Trump’ & ‘After Trump’.

Trump campaign has undone fake, over smart, socially manicured & manipulative political discourse and transformed it to open, no holds barred, brave, sometime even abrasive straight talk connecting with the bottom of the pyramid voters.

It’s quite evident from my analysis that majority of Americans like the new style Trump adopted in his mass outreach. However, a well grounded social etiquette in US is holding them back from explicitly expressing it. Nevertheless, it’s quite likely that they will through their vote.

The language of Trump discourse, whether good or bad resonates & connects with the average American & his or her true feelings. He has disrupted the stereotype Republic Party image, and has brought in shock & awe into this campaign with his inimitable style of honest & open expression, almost leading up to re-engineering, re-branding & re-positioning the age old party at his own will.

His new outreach to American electorate on real issues impacting USA, is key to his imminent success at the ballot.

Hillary on the other end, is using ‘let him make mistakes & lose’ strategy, with no real time outreach on najor issues impacting the nation.

Democrats have lost the plot completely. They have buried their head like an ostrich and went about conventional politicking to distract voters from giant failures of their incumbent two term government.

From day one Hillary is driving a negative campaign focusing on personal attributes & verbal pitfalls of Trump. Issues as silly as ‘How he talks’, ‘How he debates’, ‘How loud he is’ to ‘How’s his male banter’… all of which has nothing to do with what he has to do as the President of USA are central to Hillary campaign.

If being US President is a job, Hillary wouldn’t even qualify. How can someone who has willfully broken the law & conveniently subverted the natural process of justice by abuse of power & who has erased potential evidence which can establish her wrong doing & who has misled the entire nation on her culpability of a serious federal violation, be even eligible to run for the top job. It’s like a criminal wanting to be a Judge.

Democrats will repent & repent big time for their choice of the candidate. Its quite clear that, they had bet on ‘first woman president’s card & nothing else. If they had analyzed, even half of what I did sitting 20,000 miles away in India, they would have done better with choice of their candidate. For example, Bill Gates could have worked against Donald Trump?

Americans are clearly wanting a business man over a regular politician to put their country back on track. A stellar, specless, new age business entrepreneur would have given a tough fight to Donald Trump. This one is a no contest.

Democrats stand no chance to win.Their imminent defeat started right from the day they chose Hillary as their candidate.

In conclusion my piece of advice to Hillary is, it will be respectable & quite practical for her to withdraw from the contest & in turn strike a pardon deal with Donald Trump. It saves her from serious disgrace & a jail term. For the Democrat party it saves a disastrous and a historic defeat.

Donald Trump is winning & winning it big. It will be an unprecedented & historic victory, not just a simple one. I have seen it coming, all the way.

Miracles don’t happen in the world we live in any more :)… However, If by a miracle (which is not likely)… If Hillary wins…USA LOSES.