Hillary Clinton Proposes Exit Tax on Companies Shipping Jobs Overseas

Washington: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has accused her Republican rival Donald Trump of outsourcing jobs to 12 countries and said if elected she would tax companies for shipping jobs overseas.

“I’m tired of American companies shipping jobs overseas. So, we’re gonna make them give back any tax breaks they’ve ever gotten. If they wanna move jobs out of America, they’re gonna have to pay an exit tax if they think that’s what they wanna do. But again, Trump sees it differently. He actually outsources jobs to 12 different countries,” Clinton said.

“So when I heard him say that the first time, that well yeah he — he couldn’t find anybody in America to make clothes or furniture. I said, ‘Well, we’re gonna start a website and we’re gonna put on that website all the companies we know of here in Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan and Colorado and Virginia and across the country who could make everything that Donald Trump sells.’ I mean, look, you wanna make America great again, don’t you think you should have jobs in America that make Americans’ lives better?” she said.

“But this is — this is the pattern with Donald Trump… This is a man who we now know paid no taxes. That’s what we suspected, but until some of his tax returns were made public we couldn’t prove it,” she said addressing a well-attended election rally in the key battle-ground State of Pennsylvania.

“Trump claimed that he lost $1 billion in the casino business. I mean, who loses money running a casino besides Donald Trump? I don’t know that that’s much of a credential.

“But it’s what he did and how he did it that is especially concerning because he not only has taken bankruptcy numerous times in his businesses, but he has stiffed employees. I’m talking painters and plumbers and dish washers. He has refused to pay small businesses that had a contract with him,” she alleged.

Clinton alleged Trump “is the poster boy” for so much of what is wrong in our economy, broken, that needs to be fixed.

“The unfair rules that favour those at the top. He embodies the risky behaviour that crashed our economy, that brought us the great recession, the quick buck culture that still rules too many corporate board rooms, and the deck that seems always to be stacked for those at the top,” she added.