Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio endorsed by Des Moines Register

Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio endorsed by Des Moines Register

Washington: Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has received a big boost a week ahead of the primary season with Iowa Caucus as she was endorsed by a major newspaper of the Midwestern state.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is currently positioned third after front runner Donald Trump and runner up Ted Cruz, was also endorsed by Des Moines Register – an influential Iowan newspaper – ahead of the February 1 Iowa Caucus.

Trump and Cruz did not seek endorsement from the daily.

“While we may disagree on key points, we still believe they would do a better job for our country than their opponents,” the newspaper said in an editorial last night.

“The presidency is not an entry-level position. Whoever is sworn into office next January must demonstrate not only a deep understanding of the issues facing America, but also possess the diplomatic skills that enable presidents to forge alliances to get things done,” the daily wrote.

Noting that Democrats have, by the above measure, one “outstanding” candidate in the form of Hillary Clinton, the daily said no other candidate can match the depth or breadth of Clinton’s knowledge and experience.

“Clinton has demonstrated that she is a thoughtful, hardworking public servant who has earned the respect of leaders at home and abroad. She stands ready to take on the most demanding job in the world,” it said.

The editorial board said Republicans had the opportunity to define their party’s future in this election.

They could choose anger, pessimism and fear. Or they could take a different path, it observed.

“Senator Marco Rubio has the potential to chart a new direction for the party, and perhaps the nation, with his message of restoring the American dream. We endorse him because he represents his party’s best hope,” it said.

Des Moines Register is the largest and most influential newspaper in Iowa, which traditionally kicks off the primary presidential race.

However, in recent years, its endorsements have not won Iowa Caucus. In 2008 it endorsed Clinton, who lost to Barack Obama.

In 2004 it endorsed John Edwards, who lost to John Kerry and in 2000 it endorsed Bill Bradley, who lost to Al Gore.