Hillary Clinton a ‘huge’ fan of Adele

New York: US presidential frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do not have much in common but, like millions of others, they are both fans of Adele.

Clinton, in an interview with satellite radio network Sirius XM airing Friday, said she would choose the British ballad singer if she had her own music show.

“I’m currently into Adele. That is my go-to voice. I have such a huge admiration for her skills, her ability and her personality,” she said.

Clinton, who is trying to become the first woman to lead the United States, said she would play many female singers on her hypothetical radio show and also listed Sheryl Crow.

The 68-year-old said she grew up with classic rock ‘n’ roll and was also fond of classical music, which she found relaxing in the background while working.

Her passion for Adele is apparently shared with Trump, who was spotted at a concert by the singer in November at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

But Adele later objected to the billionaire right-wing populist playing her music at his rallies, saying she has not given permission to any candidate.

Adele shattered early sales records with her latest album “25” and has been the rare artist to win a fan base across age and demographic groups.

Her songs about heartache and childhood nostalgia are rarely political but in the past she has declared her support for Britain’s Labour Party.

Clinton, in her previous job of secretary of state, was similarly asked about her musical tastes in 2011 at a forum with students in Manila.

The baby-boomer revealed that she listened to The Doors, The Who, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones through her iPad, although she said she mostly used the device to read news online.