High-tech burglars decamp with 4 lakh cash, gold jewellery at Nirmal

Nirmal: A 5-member team of burglars decamped with 4 lakh cash and gold ornaments from a locked apartment at 3rd floor of a building at Nirmal. The robbery occurred at the 3rd floor of Balaji Apartment. When the 5-member team of high-tech burglars who were dressed like gentlemen reached the apartment in Innova car late at night, the watchman mistook them for relatives of building residents. However the team finished their work in just two hours.

Speaking to local news persons at a press conference, Nirmal Circle inspector showed the video prepared with the help of CC cameras. According to sources the Innova passed by Toll plaza Hyderabad road at 8 pm and then passed by toll plaza on Adilabad road at 2 am. According to police the vehicle had Uttarakhand pass and the youth were dressed too gentlemanlike to be doubted.

It is not out of place to mention here that Nirmal police has made repeated announcements in the newspapers and TV appealing the residents to inform police, while going out of home after locking their houses because burglaries are most likely to occur in locked houses.

Jaleel Azhar