High Court stays Wakf Board’s decision to takeover Anwar-ul-Uloom College

Hyderabad: On the petition filed by Anwar-ul-Uloom Educational Association, Justice B. Shiva Shankera Rao issued stay order on the decision of the Wakf Board to take over the management of Anwar-ul-Uloom College and other related institutions. This stay order will be operative for 6 weeks. The judge accepted the arguments of the pleaders of Anwar-ul-Uloom Educational Society that Wakf Board did not comply with the set regulations. Wakf Board should have given 45 days’ notice before the implementation of its decision.

Chairman of Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Saleem consulted CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. M.A. Mannan Farooqui and other legal experts.

Anwar-ul-Uloom Educational Society had taken the services of noted lawyers namely; Mr. Prakash Reddy, Mr. Sitaram Murthy, Mr. Kishore Anand Kumar, Mehfooz Naazki and Mr. V. Venkata Ramana.

On behalf of Wakf Board, Mr. Shafeeq-ur-Rahman Mahajir pleaded the case but he could not defend the arguments of the other party. Mr. Farhan Azam Khan was deputed to assist him.

It is reported that right from the beginning, the pleaders of Anwar-ul-Uloom Colleges were dominating the arguments and the pleaders of Wakf Board failed to prove the arguments of the college unlawful.

It may be mentioned that on 27th December 2014, Wakf Board had issued orders for taking over Anwar-ul-Uloom College and other educational institutions under its control in which it was stated that this order would be implemented after 45 days. High court in its judgment had directed the Wakf Board that it should clarify its action before taking over the control of the colleges. The pleaders of Wakf Board failed to clarify this point to the court. The pleaders of Anward-ul-Uloom Educational Society informed the court that the Wakf Board officials made an attempt to take over the management of Anwar-ul-Uloom College by pasting the orders of the Wakf Board on the wall.

It may be mentioned that the academic year has already started and new admissions are in progress. In such a situation, the future of the students could be at stake. The pleaders of the college informed the court that as per the routine process, after the issuance of the orders, gazette notification is published. Wakf Board therefore, has violated the rules.

Mr. Mannan Farooqui, CEO of Wakf Board while talking to newsmen after the judgment was pronounced said that after receiving the copy of the judgment, legal opinion would be sought and an appeal would be filed. He further clarified that Wakf Board had already given 45 days’ time to the organization.

Meanwhile, when the officials of the Wakf Board reached Anwar-ul-Uloom college in the morning, they found that the gate of the college was locked from inside. They were not allowed to get in. After waiting for a long time, when the officials of the college saw police coming, they opened the gate. The officials of the Board sat in the office. A large number of students assembled there but the members of the staff were absent from duty. They were seen in the premises of the college. They were afraid of the management for discharging the duties. When the court orders were shown to the official of the Wakf Board, Ms. Uma Maheshwari, incharge official of Wakf Board, she said that she would hand over the charge of the college after receiving the court orders. In this manner, the officials of Wakf Board again locked the office of the college and returned in the evening.

–Siasat News