High Court comes to the rescue of Orphanage land

Hyderabad: The High Court of Hyderabad had struck down two GO’s (no. 48 and 50) which intended to transfer 10 acres of Victoria memorial home to Rachakonda police commissionerate on an 11 year lease.

The order came on Tuesday and the High Court had questioned the authorities over the legality of leasing the land, as the land belonged to the private trustees.

69 acres of the land and the building was given by the Sixth Nizam, Mir Mahbub Ali Khan, who named it in the name of Queen Victoria. The Orphanage was set up in 1903, and it was registered as a charitable endowment in 1959.
The ruling was given by acting Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice G Shyam Prasad, who said that the State has no real power to deal with property of such private trusts.

The Bench also observed that “You can acquire the land under the 2013 Land Acquisition Act if you want it” The bench also observed Referring to the records that the authorities had earlier decided to take the 10-acre piece for Rs 11 crore per annum and now they took it away for a mere Rs 65 lakh per annum.

The petition was filed by two old students of the School and the home, who want the court to safeguard the property meant for destitute and Orphanages.

The Court also appreciated the authorities for safeguarding the property for these many years.