‘Hidden Panda’: Man cycles across India to raise awareness on breast cancer

Hyderabad: A cyclist who goes by the name ‘hidden panda’ has embarked upon a journey to travel throughout India, starting from Tamil Naidu all the way to Kashmir with only one aim in mind – to raise awareness about breast cancer.

He said that he is doing this breast cancer awareness ride as his mother is suffering with stage three breast cancer and undergoing treatment. Hidden Panda added that he is interacting with anyone and everyone he is coming across and using words to raise awareness. ‘I don’t believe that pamphlets and videos will have any impact, that is why I’m using words,’ he said.

Furthermore, ‘hidden panda’ who passed by Hyderabad on Saturday said that he started from Chennai in Tamil Naidu and is currently on his way to Ladakh. He will try to go to a high point in Kashmir where the authorities will allow him to go to the top of the mountain.

He added that mainly it was a women’s breast cancer awareness ride. However, the reason why he started so early even before finishing his mom’s treatment is because there a one-year-old kid named Bharti who needs 16 crores for a single injection called zolgensma.

The 16 crore injection, hidden panda said, cures a backbone called SMA- (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) which shrinks muscle and causes slow death.

Moreover, the cyclist added that the injection has to be used before the kid turns two years old and October 20 is her second birthday. So far, people from all across Tamil Naidu has collected eight crore rupees for her. The main goal is to raise awareness for breast cancer, and the sub-goal is to raise funds for Bharati too Hidden Panda said.