Hicare launches mosquito control service to curb Dengue

Mumbai: Hicare, India’s leading pest management service company has introduced first of its kind advanced EPK based mosquito control service that will offer professional and scientific pest solutions for homes and office spaces.

Approved by the WHO (World Health Organisation), Hicare has devised a comprehension mosquito control service to keep surroundings safe from Dengue mosquitoes. Dengue, which is caused by a family of viruses that is transmitted by mosquito bites can be curbed using this device.

It is based on advanced EPK Treatment, which stands for exclusion of mosquito breeding sources, prevention of larvae growth and killing of adult mosquitoes. The EPK service offers odorless service that is completely safe.

Hicare’s pest control service will ensure a complete wipe out of mosquitoes from homes, offices and other surroundings. Known for upgraded global standard of pest control services these expert services can be availed in cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Chennai.