Heroin is not cool, says singer Matty Healy

London: Matty Healy, band 1975’s frontman who has battled with drug addiction, says consumption of drugs is not good for health.

Healy is sober now. He said he does not “look up to” the kind of people who put the substance into their bodies because he believes they are “boring” and a “f***ing nightmare”, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

He said: “In 2018, it’s just not cool to be a heroin addict, is it? (Young people) don’t look up to junkies. I don’t look up to junkies. You can read their literature, but, God, imagine hanging out with them – what a f***ing nightmare.

“People on heroin are boring. These days, people like it when you’ve got your shit together, and you’ve got stuff to say.”

Healy also can’t understand how rockstars from the 1960s manage to keep up the partying lifestyle, as he is now “terrified of going out” because he suffers with “really bad migraines” and would rather just stay indoors.

“You know, I’ll watch stuff like ‘Stones in Exile’ and documentaries about bands from the Sixties, where they’ve got the same job as me, but they’re also at parties and married to supermodels and living the rock star life, and I don’t know how they do it.

“When I think about social situations, I lose my mind. I’m terrified of going out, because I get really bad migraines. So I don’t want to go to, like, the cinema, and have to leave, and be a bore. So I just stay in,” the “Somebody Else” hitmaker added.