Here’s why Demi Lovato’s Latin American tours got cancelled

Washington: Hollywood singer Demi Lovato’s Latin American tours were cancelled, as she recently checked in for rehabilitation.

According to TMZ, the singer was set to perform from September 20 to 22 in Mexico. She was also scheduled to perform in a six-city tour across Chile, Argentina, and Brazil in November.

Beginning this Friday, her fans will receive the refunds for the cancelled shows.

This comes at a time after she left Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she was undergoing treatment for a drug overdose.

In July, the 25-year-old singer was rushed to the hospital after she was found unconscious at her home in Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles.

Speaking about her fatal overdose, the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ singer earlier this month took to her Instagram account and thanked her fans, family, friends, and the Hospital staff for being with her all along.

The singer, who is well known for her struggle with drugs for years, recently gave fans a sneak peek into her life when she talked about her struggles with addiction in the documentary- ‘Simply Complicated’.

She even opened up about her addiction to drugs in her single ‘Sober’, which was released in June.