Here’s when Facebook’s smartwatch will release

Washington: American technology company Facebook is developing a smartwatch. The rumoured wearable, which the company is developing, might get its release in 2022.

According to Mashable, the rumoured device will be powered by an open-source version of Android and would support cellular connections, meaning users wouldn’t be required to pair it with a smartphone. The device would also be able to connect directly with other health and fitness-focused products, such as Peloton Interactive.

The biggest draw for a Facebook smartwatch, as the company sees it, is giving users the ability to directly link their fitness activities with one of the prevalent online social spaces in their lives. Being able to track and compare workouts with friends or speak with trainers directly is a lot more exciting when it plugs directly into your existing social profile.

The trade-off, of course, is all of this filtering through Facebook, which provides the company with a new vector for collecting data on its users. Such links haven’t historically been popular with users, given the history of improper data collection.