Here’s what you need to know about Imran Khan and his affairs and his three marriages.

Pakistan celebrates the victory on Imran Khan, in fact there have be celebration for the past couple of days as his first wife jamima goldsmith congratulated him and wrote a heartfelt letter through a social networking site.
Overwhelmed with the response of the people of Pakistan, the founder of Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf has thanked the nation and has promised them a more secure and a stable future. While the nation celebrates the victory of the former cricketer, let’s have a look at his personal life and the unsuccessful marriages Imran Khan has been through.

Well it’s nothing new for the world to know about Imran as his playboy image is visible through his actions. A shy boy in his youth to a Casanova, imran has always been open about his life before the media. Born in an upper middle class family, surrounded by four sisters at home no doubt imran has always been fussy as a kid. Graduate from oxford in Politics, economics and philosophy khan has been married thrice, and has failed to prevent his relationship twice earlier. Imran, though has had many relationships as a bachelor, it was in his early cricketing career when he met sita white, daughter of an industrialist from Britten, with whom imran had an affair for about 6 long years. Sita in the year 1997 stated that imran is a father of a 5 year old girl whose name is Tyron White, whose been looked after by Sita Goldsmith. Though Imran was never married to Sita their relationship has always made headlines.

It was in the year 1995 at the age of 42 that Imran got married for the first time “officially” to 21 year old Jemima Goldsmith, who was half his age. In an interview Imran has made it quite clear that he married Jemima because he could relate to her, and is not sure how far will he be able to take is marriage. Imran in his interview also said that he took all his relationships as a cricket match, he has no guarantee it would work but he is prepared to give it his best shot. The couple also has two sons, but unfortunately the relationship could not last long. In the year 2004 there were rumors that the couple is not able to take the marriage forward and on 2 June 2004 they ended their 9 year long relationship as Jemima found it difficult to cope up with the Pakistani culture.

After the divorce khan remained single for quite some time, and was concentrating on his political career. All of a sudden in the year 2015, the social media flooded with images of Imran getting married to a Britten based Pakistani journalist in a privet ceremony at his residence in Islamabad. It was in January 2015 when he announced his marriage to Reham Khan, though according to Reham Khan the couple had been married since the late 2014 that is around October, but the announcement of the marriage happened after a year long wait. This time to the 63 year old former cricketer could not take his relationship too far and in the same year the two announced their divorce. Reham was called the biggest mistake of his life. Imran told in one of his interviews that he usually prefers to stay quite about his personal life but if he has made any big mistakes in his life it has to be his second marriage.

Soon after the divorce, reports emerged that the PTI chief has this time married his spiritual adviser Bushra Manika. Though Imran and the Manika family called the rumors baseless and said that the media was acting unethical, it was believed that there is no smoke without fire. In the year 2018 the PTI announced an official statement that Imran Khan has married Bushra Manika.

With so many allegations of molestation, failure in marriage, this time Imran stands with his head high towards the people, in a hope that he will this time at least have things and his life of course in his hands. Imran is expected to take oath as the prime minister of Pakistan on 14 of august.