Here’s what “Delhiwala’s” have to say about leaving Delhi, 35% want to leave!

NEW DELHI: Around 35% of the people in Delhi-NCR want to permanently leave the city due to the alarming pollution levels, a poll conducted by a social-media based organisation stated. The poll, which was conducted in Delhi and parts of NCR, including Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad, received over 23,000 votes from 12,000 citizens.

It found that 35% of the people said they would like to leave Delhi-NCR, while 26% would stay but equip themselves with air-purifiers, masks and plants. Another 12% want to leave Delhi-NCR, however, only during ‘high’ pollution period. The remaining 27% claimed that had no option but to stay and cope with pollution.

The survey also asked people how the pollution in the region had been affecting their family in the last three weeks, to which 57% of the voters said they were having health issues but had not visited a doctor. Another 23% said one or more family members had visited a doctor, while 7% had one or more family members who been to a hospital.

In its final poll, the social-media based organisation asked people asked how they were coping with pollution, to which 56% of the voters said they did not own an air-purifier or a mask. Meanwhile, 8% said they had an air-purifier, while 15% said they were using masks. A total of 21% voted for both masks and air purifiers at home