Here`s how to tackle that tricky first date

New Delhi: If you’ve found someone online whom you like and it’s time to take things offline, then don’t worry we have some tips for you as first date conversation can be really tricky.

A social media study by Matchify, a mobile-only relationship app, witnessed about 7,800 responses and revealed the kind of situations that can get real tricky on a first date.

The objective of the Tricky First Dates study was to determine the kind of situations and questions that can stump someone on a date.

The questions ranged from “how to ask the partner to split the food bill” to “reacting when a girl brings along a friend to a dinner date,” to “managing things if one proposed a relationship at the very first meeting.”

When asked whether they would discourage talks about their former flames on the date, 90 per cent responded with a “yes” and when asked if they would cancel their favourite non-vegetarian dish for her, if she’s a vegan, 89 per cent said yes.

Some of the key insights obtained:

1. Looks are not the first priority while dating someone

2. Majority of the people feel splitting the food bill on a first date is a good thing to do

3. Not talking about your ex when on a date is highly recommended. (ANI)