Here’s why SRK has still upset with media

Mumbai: Looks like Shah Rukh Khan has still not forgotten the unfateful day when his statement on “extreme intolerance” spread like a wild fire on social media with a politician actually saying “his mind is in Pakistan”
Hence, when he was quizzed on the recent extremism around the world, the 50-year-old actor politely hit back saying, he does not want to be defamed once again.

“Last year during my birthday some journalists made a mountain out of mole with a very simple statement of mine and I hold that against everyone. Whatever I said then was a sober and simple one without any religious angle to it. I wanted to say something to the youth. So this time I don’t want you to ask such question and defame me again because I don’t know who has what in mind,” he stated clearly to the media here.

For the uninitiated, last year, during his 50th birthday, the Badshah of Bollywood stated in television interviews that he believes India is growing more intolerant.

“Not being secular is the worst kind of crime you can do as a patriot,” he said, adding later that his father fought for the freedom of the country from the British and “no one can question my patriotism,” he said. (ANI)