Here’s why obese people find it difficult to lose weight

London: Are you one of those who exercise daily but are still unable to lose weight?

We might have an answer to your question.

According to a recent research, obese people may find it harder to lose weight because their fat tissue becomes scarred and inflamed, reports Daily Express.

The study found that their fat can cease to cope as it increases in size and becomes suffocated by its own expansion.

The scientists examined tissue samples from patients, including those with weight problems who have undergone bariatric surgery. It was seen that fat in obese people can suffocate and struggle for oxygen supply, due in part to the increase in the fat cells’ size.

As cells get bigger they become distressed and struggle for oxygen, which triggers inflammation in the fat tissue.

The inflammation spills over from fat tissue into the bloodstream and is eventually measurable in the circulation by a blood test. With fat tissue not being able to do its most vital job, which is storing excess calories, the excess energy can be increasingly diverted from fat tissue to vital organs.

Study’s author, Dr Katarina Kos, found that fat tissue is also stiffer and more rigid, and increased levels of scarring can make it harder to lose weight.

She said, “Scarring of fat tissue may make weight loss more difficult.”

Although such people can appear relatively slim, fat can be deposited in their abdomen and in their internal organs, including their liver, pancreas, muscle and the heart. Fat can also be stored around and in the arteries causing arteriosclerosis, a stiffening of arteries predisposing people to high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes.

She noted that further research is needed to determine how to avoid our fat tissue becoming unhealthy and how protect it from inflammation and scarring.

The study was published in the journal Metabolism. (ANI)