Here’s the mystery that ‘brainy’ Stephen Hawking couldn’t solve

Melbourne, Oct.10 : Stephen Hawking may have the brightest mind, but there is one mystery that he has failed to solve-women.

While fielding questions on his Ask Me Anything Q & A session on Reddit, the 73-year-old physicist revealed that it was women that had perplexed him the most, au reports.

‘The Grand Design’ author added, “My PA reminds me that although I have a PhD in physics, women should remain a mystery.”

Back in July, the theoretical physicist started collecting questions for his Reddit AMA session, but answered them only overnight.

Apart from women, the ‘Theory of Everything’ author also answered questions on artificial intelligence.

In addition to this, Hawking also revealed that the last television show that made him laugh out loud was ‘The Big Bang Theory’.(ANI)