Here’s the message for female constables on Women’s Day by Delhi Police

New Delhi: What if you walk alone, what if you live alone, what if you travel alone…don’t feel scared and helpless, Its time to live freely and proudly, this is Delhi Police’s message to women on this Women’s Day.

Head Constable Pragati told ANI, “It’s the time of women, they need not to worry and feel helpless, they should stand on their own for everything.

When I was not in the police I faced a situation when I was touched by someone badly I acted on this by slapping him and calling police. So you have to be active and fearless too.”

“Initially my mother used to be worried but with time she understood what I am doing,” she added.

Similarly, Saris Khan who is also a head constable and is deployed in the Morris Nagar area said, “Whenever I get call whether its midnight or day I love to provide help and this gives me immense satisfaction.”

She added that every girl should know her rights and should help others to be strong and fearless which is very important.

Give respect to women and don’t do anything wrong which can result negative to you,” she said while giving a message to the boys.