Here’s how to make your studio apartment can look bigger

New Delhi [India]: Living in a tiny apartment isn’t a cake walk, from tiny walkways to space crisis, things could get really uncomfortable.

However, with smart decorating and using the right kind of accessories and furniture, one can make his home look bigger and brighter.

Interior Designer Swarup Myalil recommends five ways to furnish a studio apartment in the minimalistic fashion.

Despite maroon or a royal blue would be appealing on walls, it is really advisable to avoid deep, dark colors as they make the room look smaller.

Light, pastel and monochromatic shades can assure a better atmosphere and breathing space as soon as you enter a room and help with optical expansion.

Using striped patterns can give an elongated look to your room.

Light in weight fabric and soft colors are the perfect criteria to pick the perfect curtains for your tiny studio apartment.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains can really enhance the look of the home and give it an elegant and classy look.

Also, it allows as much light as possible to enter the house.

Another important part is to use carpets and rugs only where necessary.

It is preferable to use carpets and rugs in geometric shapes as it gives an illusion and makes the space appear to be larger than it is.

Centre tables with glass-tops are perpetually trending and can quickly elevate the look of your room.

Provision of wall storage or vertical storage using some and minimalistic floating shelf’s with make the room look bigger.

Since the space is less, do not cram it with too many objects.

Use minimum, but the right kind of furniture. Instead of opting for a lavish five seater couch, select a two seater couch which would be cozy and comfortable or a bed-cum-lounger. Opt for convertible or space saving furniture to give a trendy look to your room.

Furniture placement or layout should be done in the available limited floor space to avoid clutter and provide more free circulation space.

Do not invest in fancy and unnecessary showpieces as they take up too much space. Using floor-length, oversized mirrors in the bedroom is a smart and quick way of making your room look larger.

Avoid placing the lampshades in corners as it blocks the space unnecessarily. Ideally, have a tiny lampshade on the bedside table in your bedroom.

Chandeliers are a big no-no as they consume a lot of space and make the room look bulky and crammed up. (ANI)