Here`s how you can stay awake without consuming coffee

Washington: Struggling to stay awake in office hours without having coffee? Well here are a few tips which can keep you up and running the whole day.

Start watching cute videos of kittens and puppies whenever you are feeling weak or sleepy, as it improves your mood and temporarily boosts your attention to detail.

Drink a big glass of H2O. Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration, which can lead to fatigue, confusion, heart palpitation, fainting and high temperature. So ‘bottoms up’.

Turn up the speakers! Listen to music, dance like no one is watching. Listening to your favorite song activates the pleasure circuit in the brain, which gives you a boost in energy and keeps you awake.

Still can’t stay awake? Get out and get some bright light. Researchers have linked bright light to alertness. So just getting up and taking a walk in the bright sun might just keep your rest of the day running smoothly. (ANI)