Here’s how you avoid sugar detox effects

New Delhi: Cutting down on the intake of processed sugar is healthy but not an easy task.

Healthline in an article called ‘How to Beat Sugar Detox Symptoms and Feel Better Than Ever’ gave a few tips to help that sugar detox fatigue and the overwhelming after effects.

The article states that the first step to health is cutting the sugar intake. Citing multiple studies, Healthline wrote that sugar affects the brain the same way that addictive substances such as nicotine, cocaine, and morphine do.

The mental symptoms of quitting sugar are depression, anxiety, cognitive issues, changes in sleeping patterns and craving. The physical symptoms include- light-headedness, dizziness, nausea, tingling, and fatigue.

One of the ways to reduce the sugar detox effects is to cut down on sugar slowly rather than going cold turkey.

Adding protein to the diet will be a great way to get over the fatigue that makes you restless after quitting that processed sugar, the article states.

Increasing the intake of fiber is also a helpful way to hit back at that nausea and headache. The good ol’ way to deal with detox after effects is staying hydrated. The increased intake of fiber can lead to constipation but the appropriate amount of water in the system and help beat that sugar detox effects.

Avoiding artificial sweeteners is one of the obvious and the best way to keep up with that detox.
Stress levels increase sugar cravings and food choices. As sugar has a calming effect on stress hormones, the need becomes overwhelming, so, one needs to keep that stress level in check.

Exercising is a great decision any day and when it comes to fighting the detox effects; work out lowers the stress levels.

Citing a 2014 study, Healthline stated that drinking greens can help reduce sugar cravings. Getting enough sleep is also a good way to keep the cravings at bay.

Sleeping better helps- food choices, lowered stress, higher energy levels, improved concentration, and memory.

According to research, eating bitter foo shuts down the receptors in the brain that drive us to consuming sugar. Coffee, arugula and several others are bitter food that can be incorporated in a diet.

The article also emphasises that giving in to temptation is also normal. Do not beat yourself up if you slip, just know your weaknesses and work on them. Find your motivation and beat the sugar rush.