Here’s how readers reacted to Siasat’s appeal to Rahul and Tejaswi for withdrawing candidate against Kanhaiya on Monday made an appeal to Congress President Rahul Gandhi and former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Tejaswi Yadav to withdraw its candidate against Kanhaiya Kumar from Begusarai Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar to ease his win against BJP’s Giriraj Singh who is known for his controversial statements.

Although the sitting MP from Nawada has hinted that he may not represent Begusarai as the move by BJP has hurt his self-respect. He expressed dissatisfaction with the BJP leadership in Bihar for changing his seat from Nawada to Begusarai in Bihar without consulting him.

Speaking to the news agency ANI, Giriraj Singh said “My self-respect is hurt that no other MP’s seat was changed in Bihar. It was decided without talking to me. State BJP leadership should tell me why it was done. I’ve nothing against Begusarai but I can’t compromise with my self-respect.”

After this appeal was published on, readers demanded the withdrawal of RJD-Congress candidate from Begusarai Lok Sabha seat and one of the users referring to RJD-Congres candidate said ‘They shouldn’t field their candidates against Kanahiya.”

“Tejaswi please withdraw your LS candidate and select him as MLC !his retain as MP is compulsory to educate higher education for below poverty students and SC & ST backward minorities students,” appealed another reader.

“Let Kanhaiya Kumar fight one to one if Rahul & Tejaswi didn’t listen, InshaAllah Kanhaiya will defeat all,” wrote Siasat reader.

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