Here’s how to keep your home clean in monsoon

New Delhi: Monsoon while pleasant, dreamy, lovely, and cozy, also equates to muddy, shoddy, sloshy, and sloppy.
To complete the story, it’s all about muddy footprints, damp interiors, musty air, leaky ceilings, and peeling walls. The whole rainy thing leaves the house in dire need of primping and preening.

Here are five hacks for effective house cleaning in monsoons:

– Check for leaks

If there are existing cracks on the roof and walls, the monsoons could make them worse and could lead to dampness that becomes a breeding ground for moss and fungus. To safeguard the house, paint the walls with the waterproofing coat. Check the rain pipes for blockages so that the water doesn’t stagnate there instead of flowing from the roof to the ground.

– Care for the carpet

It is better to roll away all the rugs and carpets during rainy seasons. This small hack will prevent them from getting damp and also protect them from muddy footprints.

If they cannot be taken off, then just make sure you vacuum them every day.

– Protect the wood

Move all wooden furniture a couple of inches away from windows and doors. Hold off on getting any new woodwork done till the monsoon season is over. Naphthalene balls can be used in cupboards to help absorb some moisture and keep the clothes fresh.

You can also use some neem leaves to avoid dampness and banish the musty smell. The leaves will also keep silverfish away. You can also place some cloves in between your clothes.

– Dry clean your way

One of the biggest problems during the monsoons is that the clothes cannot be dried outside. While an indoor rack under the fan might be okay for the clothes, linens, and sheets need proper care so they don’t get damaged by moisture. If not dried completely, they can smell bad.

Get them periodically dry cleaned to keep them looking good and smelling fresh.

– Pre and post monsoons care

It’s a good idea to call in some professionals before the monsoons begin to look for any problem areas and get them fixed. If not so, then you can always call them after the season to do a thorough cleaning.

Keeping the home clean during the monsoons is important for the health and hygiene of the entire family. Following these steps will not only ensure healthy family but will also make the season more pleasant overall. (ANI)