Here’s how to apply for a passpost from your mobile using mPassport Seva application.

Now, apply for a passport from anywhere in India. Even if your permanent address is in Hyderabad, you can now apply for a passport in Mumbai or anywhere else in India. Applicants can now apply for a passport from anywhere in India, said a press release issued by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). With the launch of the ‘mPassport Seva App’, a person would not require access to a computer and printer to apply for a passport

Download a mobile app ‘mPassport Seva’ for Android and iOS from Play store and App Store respectively.


Here are the steps to apply for a passport with mPassport Seva application-


First, you have to register your account on the application by clicking on the new user and enter all the basic information like Passport Office, Name, Date of Birth, E-mail ID and create a login ID and Password for registering your account. You will be sent a verification link on the Email address you provided, once you verify your email address your account will be registered on the mPassport Seva.

To Begin with I would recommend you to first check the documents required for you to apply for a passport, you can click the Document Advisor in this application and select the category you belong to and tick all the relevant options which according to you is correct and the advisor will let you know the documents required for applying for your passport.

If you are wondering how much would it cost you for your passport, don’t worry. You can calculate your application fee by selecting ‘Fee Calculator’ in the same application

Select Fee Calculator from the options and select the type of service like Fresh Passport, Reissue of Passport or Police Clearance Certificate.


If you are applying for a Fresh Passport then select the Type of Service as Fresh and select your age among the options and then select the required scheme, here you have two options which are Normal and Tatkaal select the type of scheme you want and calculate your fee by clicking the Calculate Fee option, you will be indicated the amount of fee your application will be charged.

Now, Click on the existing user icon and enter your login ID which is your email address after entering the email address click continue and enter your password with the captcha code given on the screen. Now you will see three different options on your screen

  • Apply for Fresh/Reissue of Passport
  • Apply for Police Clearance Certificate
  • View Saved/Submitted Applications


After clicking the first option which is – Apply for Fresh/Reissue of Passport select your present residential address details by selecting the state and district

Now you will be asked what type of passport you are applying for Fresh Passport or Re-issue of Passport, select your type of passport and then select your type of application, Normal or Tatkaal.

Now select the number of pages you want in your passport booklet between 36 pages or 60 pages.

After selecting all the three options click next.

Now enter all your details on the page and tick the relevant options according to your answer and upload all the documents when asked, once you are done with the filling of your application and send your data, your passport request will be sent to Ministry of External Affairs. The police verification, if required for a specific passport, will be conducted at the address mentioned in the application form and once made the passport will be dispatched at the given address. The application can be submitted irrespective of whether the person’s present residential address was within the jurisdiction of the selected RPO or not. You can choose which Regional Passport Office (RPO), Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) you want to go to in-person for processing of your passport application.

After completing all the process if you want to check the status of your passport you can check your Passport Application Status in this application by clicking the ‘Status Tracker’ and by entering your File Number and Date of Birth. For dispatched passports, the delivery status can also be tracked.