Here’s how digital space went against Kangana

New Delhi: Seems like the digital universe is going strongly against Kangana Ranaut, especially for the last 10 days.
As per the Twitter trends and reports assessed by Capsicum Technologies, a Digital Marketing Agency, the ‘Queen’ actress has attracted a “sea of negativity” in the digital space.

“We monitor the digital space very diligently for our clients. Digital medium is a strong reflector of sentiments especially in the case of controversies regarding celebrities. Since last two weeks we are witnessing a strong negative sentiment on Kangana Ranaut in digital universe,” said Chirag Rathore of Capsicum Technologies.

“In last ten days there have been at least three strong Twitter trends going against her accompanied with a series of open letters, blogs and memes. Last year, we saw something similar when intolerance remark was made by Aamir Khan. Digital platform is strongly reactive but generally these negative waves are temporary in nature,” he added.

Observations by social media experts suggest her to be an actress, who has been a subject, attracting unusual negativity in the digital universe post her interviews with two national channels.

The digital marketing agency has now presented a timeline of the digital trends that Kangana was a part of.

Immediately after her interview on leading channels post her National Award win early this month, hashtag ‘#CharacterlessKangana’ began trending strongly on Twitter, with the Twitterers going berserk calling Kangana a “bluff.”

An open letter to the actress, slamming her for being a “Fake Feminist” made her trending yet again on May 16 with hashtags “#FakeFeminism” and “#OpenLetterToKangana.”

In minutes, both the hashtags started trending organically.

In total, “#FakeFeminism” generated more than 4000 tweets and “#OpenLetterToKangana” generated more than 1300 tweets.

“#FakeFeminism” became the most talked about topic, which trended for more than four hours.

Later in the same evening, her video with Hrithik Roshan from ‘Kites’ broke the internet and found a parallel reflection in the digital media reports.

The hashtags “#MustWatchHrithikKanganaVideo,” “#HrithikKangana” and “#HrithikKanganaMustWatchVideo” were trending simultaneously at different spots on Twitter.

The video and its striking resemblance to the Hrithik-Kangana controversy was largely trolled upon and reported by major webloids.

Many opinion-based sites further took notice to the actress’ unverified claims and reliability of strong statements and presented a series of facts and proofs to call her “liar.”

As a result, Kangana was showered with open letters, calling her out for associating herself with the term “Feminism.”

“#QueenOfLies” also became an instant trend that night, referring to the lies spoken by the National Award winning actress and her camp in the newspapers about her holiday destination.

Again, according to Capsicum Technology, May 21 to 23 was proved to be highly negative on Kangana, with the actress being the “most hated celebrity” on Twitter.

It began, when ANI received a snap of the ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ actress’ passport, revealing her real age and soon, the news went viral.

Twitter memes and gifs soon became very visible with her many lies being slammed across digital media platforms and the ‘#QueenOfLies’ became a rage on Twitter. (ANI)