Here’s how you can stay fit and health during Ramazan

New Delhi [India]: The practice of refraining from food and drink from dusk to dawn during the holy month of Ramazan can be physically and mentally challenging for many Muslims worldwide.

As Ramazan falls on some of the longest days of the year, so it’s important that you give your body the best possible start by adding some fuel to the tank to help energise you throughout the day.

Fret not! Here are certain do’s and don’ts to ensure the same while staying fit during this holy month.

· Drink at least two glasses of water during sehri

· Don’t break your fast with spicy foods like kebab or chutney – it will cause heartburn

· Eat fruits that keep you hydrated – water melon & grapes

· Don’t overeat out of insecurity – avoid binge eating to bring down blood sugar levels

· Include fibre, proteins and carbohydrates in your sehri to avoid hunger pangs

· Do not rely on junk food – maintain a 90/10 rule of eating – 90 percent of food with high nutrient content and 10 percent of desserts and fried foods

· Eat with your family and loved ones, create mindfulness around the food you eat and reconnect with your eating habits

· Avoid Excedrin, if you are having caffeine withdrawal symptoms like headache, then try resting and avoiding exertion throughout the day. This is the time to detox

· Continue with your workout. However, you may want to lower your intensity0

· Avoid fasting, if you are diabetic or are suffering from irregular blood pressure levels – changing the time of your medicine can be difficult and may aggravate your condition

· Continue with the tradition of breaking your fast with a date – it is high in fibre and potassium and helps in water retention

· Avoid fasting if you are suffering from kidney disorders and cannot be dehydrated for long

· Avoid sherbets and processed foods, if you are trying to lose weight during Ramadan

· Avoid starting a new workout regime

Stay fit and Ramazan Kareem once again. (ANI)