Here’s how you can stay fit this festive season

New Delhi [India]: Holi is here and no matter what we do, dozens of sweets and snacks are bound to make our summer diet go off track!
But, there’s no need to worry!

Mehar Rajput, nutritionist and dietician at Fitpass is here to save us.

Here are her tips on how to stay fit and healthy this festive season.

• A good measure is to set a cap on the total calories for the day. Keep a check on it. Take a step back whenever you are close to your daily limit.

• Stay hydrated. It is the best way to avoid sweetened drinks. This way, you will feel more satiated and those sugary drinks won’t be as appealing.

• Portion control is a big part of the game plan. Feel free to ‘taste’ the holi delicasies like Gujia, lip smacking namkeens etc rather than overindulging.

• Long weekend around Holi might effect your routine. Make small, workable adjustments in your schedule to help squeeze in a workout.

• Short, intense home workouts, like a Tabata workout, come in handy on the days you miss your schedule at the gym or fitness studio. Push ups, crunches, plank, jumping jacks, etc. are great exercises to do at home.

• If you indulge in a cheat meal, make sure you follow your diet for the next meal of the day. It’s a cheat meal, not a cheat day.

• Plan your day ahead. A workout in the morning can set you up nicely for the day, feeling fresh and active. Getting your workout out of the way early leaves you more of the day to enjoy the festivities.

Remember, you cannot outwork a bad diet. So, working out should be on the top of your to-do list. (ANI)