Here’s how you can fix broken make-up products

They cost you a bomb and then you painfully watch them slipping from your hands and hitting the floor — cosmetics can easily break. But be it a broken compact powder or lipstick, they can be fixed, says an expert.

Bharti Taneja, cosmetologist-aesthetician and founder-director of Bharti Taneja’s ALPS Beauty Group, suggests how to mend broken make-up products:

Dried nail paint : To fix dried nail paints, add a few drops of acetone in the nail paint bottle then close the lid and shake it.

Broken powder : Pressed compacts often break into pieces when you drop it on the floor by mistake. You can restore it by putting all the broken pieces of powder in a plastic bag – crush all the powder chunks as fine as you can then place them in a clean original container. Then put some drops of alcohol in the container, pour the powder then again pour some drops of alcohol so that the powder becomes damp. Smooth out the powder and press down on it with a tissue paper. Finally remove the tissue and clean the edges of your container. Leave your compact open and let the powder dry overnight.

Broken lipstick : To mend a broken lipstick, there is an easy solution for it. Wear clear gloves and remove the broken piece of lipstick then swivel the lipstick up as far as possible. Take a lighter and heat the lipstick base. Slightly melt the base area so that the broken piece can be attached to the lipstick. Now, pick up the broken piece and attach it gently to the base of the lipstick.

Dry mascara : There are two methods that you can use to fix dried mascara. Beginning with the first method; put some drops of any generic eye drops to the mascara tube, close the wand and swirl it for two to three times. You will find your mascara as good as a new one. In the second method, you need to close the wand tightly and dip it in hot water, keep it there for a few minutes. Then use the mascara.

Broken eye shadow : Gather all the broken pieces of eye shadow into a plastic zip lock bag then crush it with a spoon until it turns into a fine powder. Pour some drops of water in a clean container then put the fine, dry powder in it. You need to again add adequate water drops in it. Place a tissue on the eyeshadow powder and smooth it down. Now remove the tissue and leave the eye shadow to dry.