Here’s what you should avoid for peaceful flight

New Delhi [India]: They say it’s not the destination but the journey that makes the travel worthwhile, but avid travellers will know that’s not always the case when it comes to flying.

Unruly children, chatty neighbours and armrest hoggers can quickly turn a short flight to paradise into your worst nightmare.

Indian travellers confess to global travel search engine, Skyscanner, the most bothersome in-flight behaviours and those they are guilty of themselves.

With inputs from over 1000 travellers, Skyscanner gives an insight into acceptable air travel etiquette for better behaved travellers.

47% of travellers agreed the struggle for the arm rest tops their lists of the most annoying behaviours fellow passengers can commit; followed by overly chatty passengers (37%) and noisy kids (46%).

Smelly food and left litter received the least hits by travellers, only irking 29% and 33% of Indian travellers, respectively.

On the contrary, offensive habits that travellers have admittedly indulged in secrecy are itching (27%) and losing their temper (21%) in flight whereas only 9% of flyers regret drinking one too many on board.

After crunching the numbers, it was revealed that while 47% travellers are irked by noisy kids, only 8% travellers admit to letting their little darlings run wild while flying.

25% of travellers are infuriated by snoring passengers and a whopping 46% of flyers confessed to travelling after waking up with bad breath.

Skyscanner understands the importance of a great travel experience, which starts from booking flights at the right time to being prepared for the flight.

As travellers divulged and indulged in their guilty in flight behavior, one can be more aware of their experience. (ANI)