Here’s what you should actually be counting to lose weight

London: The go-to system for shedding extra kilos has long been calorie counting, but most diet plans make eating right seem like a game of numbers.

However, the practice of counting macro-nutrients and not calories that has been used by bodybuilders for years is now sweeping the fitness and wellbeing world, the Daily Mail reported.

Macro-nutrients, aka ‘macros,’ are nutrients required to give us energy to keep our body functioning. The three macro-nutrients are fats, carbohydrates and proteins and by consuming the correct amount of macro-nutrients for your desired results, whether that is muscle gain, fat loss or toning up, you are more likely to achieve your bodily goals.

Trainer Matt Hodges, founder of The MPH Method, said: “When we talk about eating a balanced diet we are actually talking about balancing the amounts of fats, carbohydrates and protein in your diet. To find out your personalised macro-nutrient ratio we tend to work in ratios depending on your body goals, be that fat loss, muscle gain or toning.”

The Fit Life Coach, Stefano Chiriaco, added that protein works out at four calories per gram, fat is nine calories per gram and carbohydrates are four calories a gram, which suggests that with every gram of protein you will be consuming four calories; so with 10 grams of protein you will be eating around 40 calories.

Chiriaco noted that “For a general use of the macro formula you can multiply your body weight in pounds by 18 for weight gain and by 12 for weight loss. Fat should be around 20-30 per cent of your diet as should protein and the remainder should ideally be carbohydrates.”

Justin Maguire, founder of Fe gym, said that by ensuring you have the correct amount of macro-nutrients in your diet, you can not only build muscle but you can also burn fat far more effectively too.

This article first appeared on Healthista. (ANI)