Here’re top four Michelin starred restaurants in Las Vegas

New Delhi [India]: Las Vegas is one of world’s top culinary destinations.

It has redefined the culinary and wine experience by offering the most comprehensive collection of celebrity chefs and world-class restaurants and more Master Sommeliers than any other city in the world.

Home to more than 1,450 general restaurants and 258 buffets, these numbers are just a small part of the overall food and beverage culture in the region and do not account for the thousands of snack bars, take-out venues and drinking establishments which also populate the area.

Dining and entertainment go hand-in-hand at several locations throughout Las Vegas thus coining of the ‘dinner theater’ where guests can enjoy a performance while feasting on delicious spread.

Here goes the list for four Michelin starred restaurants of Las Vegas that you can’t miss of you are a entertainment buff and foodie!

# Hakkasan Restaurant

The Hakkasan restaurant at MGM Grand is a bold evolution of the world-famous brand and extends the atmosphere of the popular nightclub into an intimate dining experience. The space is a unique convergence of modern Cantonese cuisine, spectacular and intricate design, world class mixology, and engaging musical talent in the nightclub spaces. The restaurant features the culinary excellence of Michelin-star Chef Ho Chee Boon and takes a modern approach on Cantonese fare to create timeless dishes.

# Gordon Ramsay Steak

Gordon Ramsay, known not only for his refined cuisine, but also his TV personality on several hit programs including “Hell’s Kitchen,” “MasterChef” and “Kitchen Nightmares,” has generated world-wide attention and entertained viewers on six continents.

The contemporary steakhouse boasts a total of 274 seats including a large bar area, chef’s table and private dining room in addition to the main room. Guests are encouraged to relax in the spacious lounge or enjoy a cozy booth in this ultimate modern steakhouse.

This restaurant offers guests a look at the exclusive beef aging program created under the direction of Chef Ramsay and his culinary team. The menu selections range from traditional steakhouse fare with delectable cuts of beef to Ramsay’s signature fish and chips and Shepard’s Pie. This dynamic new addition to Ramsay’s profound collection of restaurants offers the freshest seafood to mouth-watering cuts of beef, French-influenced sides and delicious desserts.

# Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

Internationally acclaimed chef Pierre Gagnaire makes his US debut with Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, the only place in the country where you can experience the extraordinary cuisine of the three-star Michelin chef.

Gagnaire is celebrated as a pioneer of the fusion movement. Here he introduces another entirely new concept matching flavors and textures in the most unexpected way. Each dish will delight the senses with the familiarity of classic French cuisine and a modern twist.

# Jaleo

Culinary mastermind Chef Jose Andres brings the authentic flavor of Spain to Las Vegas with his award-winning Jaleo restaurant re-imagined to include the excitement and spectacle of Las Vegas.

Jaleo was one of the country’s first successful tapas restaurants, setting the standard for Spanish cuisine in the U.S. for almost two decades. (ANI)