Here are ways to take care of skin during winter

New Delhi: Winter always wreaks havoc on the skin by stealing moisture out of it. The cold winds make the skin dry, itchy, and irritated.

Speaking about ways of taking care of the skin, Dr Amit Karkhanis, laser and cosmetic physicians says that moisturising is one of the main mantras to follow for skincare during winter.

He adds, “The dry climate and cool air makes it important to retain losing moisture and keep skin hydrated. Use a moisturiser that complements your skin type. Post shave you can use an aftershave containing aloe which has both soothing and hydrating properties.”

Dr. Rinky Kapoor, cosmetic dermatologist and dermato-surgeon also stresses on the importance of using the right kind of moisturiser during the winters. She adds, “Cold, blustery conditions outside can leave the skin feeling raw, while heating mechanisms indoor can zap the moisture from the skin in no time.”

Experts share tips one can follow to take to care for their skin during winters.

Avoid long and hot shower: As tempting as this is, hot water can cause dryness and damage to the skin.

It’s best to stick with lukewarm temperature. Warm showers should not be more than ten minutes long. Too much exposure causes dryness which is aggravated by the weather. Ensure use of post-shower moisturising.

Exfoliate: Lack of moisture and hydration causes skin dryness. This dryness invites dead cells and for the removal of dead cells, regular exfoliation is necessary at least twice a week. If the condition is severe, in-clinic treatment by a reputed cosmetologist is suggested. Exfoliation also gives a long-lasting refreshing result. For the dry Indian winter, chemical peel treatment is highly recommended.

The type of chemical peel used will depend on skin type and texture on examination.

Careful shaving for men: Many face dryness and itchiness on the skin in the shaving area. It is usually caused by harsh saving creams and sporadic use of moisturiser. The process of shaving exposes the hair follicles on the face. Use a shaving cream that is soft on the skin, preferably one that has natural ingredients and moisturiser. Immediately after shaving, splash some cold water to close the pores and wipe the remaining shaving soap. Apply a moisturising aftershave. This will help heal the skin while keeping it hydrated.

Other pointers include
-Use a soap-free non-foaming mild cleanser that does not strip natural oils from your skin.
-Cover your face when you step out.

-Do not forget to use sunscreen in the day.

-Always carry a lip balm with you, apply it each time you feel a stretch on your lips rather than licking them with saliva or removing the flakes.

-Layer on clothes for warmth instead of wearing a single thick cloth.

-Use a good hand and foot cream overnight on hands and feet and nails. You can also use ghee on the feet at night if you have a problem of cracked feet.

-Remember to drink lots of water as one does not feel thirsty in winters.