Here are the top fashion trends of 2019

New Delhi: We all do get excited when a new year begins, and the reason is very much simple — new year, new wardrobe.

With 2018 gone, it is time to update your sartorial choices and change the look of the closet in your wardrobe.

The fashion editors of Harper’s Bazaar has recommended a few things for the ladies out there to know the best they can get.

Here are the top fashion trends that are going to set 2019 on fire:

1. Slouchy boots

Be it, Rihanna or Meghan Markle, slouchy boots are making a ’90s-shaped comeback, according to market editor Samantha Wong.

“Make sure it’s just below the knee, and they’re roomy enough to scrunch down. Worn best with a mini-skirt and bare legs,” Wong was quoted by Harper’s Bazaar as saying.

A pair of slouchy boots made by Gianvito Rossi costs around $2,090 at Net-a-Porter.

2. Two-toned denim

It is a unique form of double denim jeans. Whether it is white-on-black or a more subtle blue-on-blue variation, it’s all about the contrast, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

“Two-toned denim paired with more denim is the chic twist that double denim needed in 2019,” said fashion coordinator Nichhia Wippell.

Made by Rachel Comey, it is priced $566 at Farfetch.

3. Chunky Sandal

These delicately small, but pretty sandals are so good with a super sleek outfit.

Whether you are wearing a short suit, pantsuit or a silk slip, these unique shoes will definitely enhance your outfit in the wardrobe.

Made by Isabel Marant, these sleek shoes are priced $798 at

4. Bracelet bags

If handbags were the showstopper for the past few years, then these new-age wristlets are quickly hogging the limelight and slowly showing up everywhere.

These bags are so small, yet so classy, that you do not have to make so much effort, as the bracelet bag can be adjusted seamlessly on your wrist in a super-comfortable way, compared to the heavy shoulder bags, according to Refinery29.

So before any other special bag teases us, go and grab your hands on this super-duper and sleek bag.

5. Boilersuit

A boilersuit is a loose-fitting garment covering the whole body except for the head, hands and feet. This has been on the list of fashion trends for the past couple of years and this chic outing will make a woman feel complete and elegant.

“I love an all-white outfit (no matter how dangerous that may be in the office)-and a boiler does all the outfit-thinking for me in one big zip. Pair with sandals for a relaxed vibe, or dress it up with a bedazzled stiletto,” Wong was quoted by Harper’s Bazaar as saying.

The boilersuit by Orseund Iris costs around $595 at Net-a-Porter.