Help revolves around my character – Mugdha Godse

Mumbai, August 13: “I have a tendency to speak a lot so please ensure that things are put in the right perspective in your write-up,” said the gorgeous young woman before waving me a good bye with a flashy smile.

That’s Mugdha Godse for you – simple, honest and someone who comes across as a bindaas girl but still not the kind who would ever upset someone intentionally. A relative newbie in the industry who has spent just two years facing the camera in Bollywood, Mugdha speaks with relative ease as she talks about her latest release Help where she stars opposite Bobby Deol.

One wonders though if the dusky actress ever had any doubt about pairing up with Bobby considering the fact that his career is in need of a major push while she too is barely starting off.

“I guess everyone has good and bad times. It is a matter of one Friday that can change your destiny”, says Mugdha in defence of her co-star who has been around for over a decade, “What one should look at is the script because this is what is of paramount importance. Even in the past, whenever a film has worked, that has happened because of script and not due to the stars. Of course stars do help when it comes to opening but beyond that it’s the script that works.”

She also has her own take on affairs when it comes to hunting for work in Bollywood. Three films old with two of them being Madhur Bhandarkar directed ventures (Fashion, Jail) and one with Rohit Shetty (All The Best), she doesn’t mind knocking the doors of a filmmaker when it comes to being cast.

“Frankly speaking, kaam maangne mein kya sharam hai? Why should one feel shy at all? Isn’t it better to express your feelings to someone in all the right earnest? And if you can’t do that then really, you don’t deserve to be there in the industry”, Mugdha states in a matter of fact tone, “I may not have worked with a film maker before but if I get to know that there is something interesting in there for me, I would reach out to him. I would tell them that I would love to work with them. I don’t see why some people feel it is demeaning or anything. I don’t look at this way at all.”

Coming back to Help, this is Mugdha’s yet another attempt at a performance oriented outing after Fashion, especially so because she is playing a central character.

“Well, for those who were wondering when would I be seen in a full fledged role, here is Help”, she smiles, “I am sure audience is going to see a new Mugdha because the film does revolve around my character which becomes possessed.”

There is also a buzz in the town that she has the kind of role which has different shades to it. “Yes, there is twin characterisation to my role and that is actually the crux of the story. However, beyond that I don’t wish to state anything more as it will only end up revealing the story. Watch it out for yourself”, signs off Mugdha after giving out that wide smile.