Helmets, Driving License Compulsory From Wednesday

Hyderabad: Helmet rule for two-wheelers and driving license for all motor-vehicles would be strictly implemented in twin cities from Wednesday.
If nay person caught riding a motor-cycle or scooter without wearing a helmet and also motorists without driving licenses would be severely punished. The punishment ranges from a fine and also jail sentence.
It might be mentioned here that the High Court taking into cognizance the increasing number of fatal accidents, especially those involving two-wheelers, had recently directed the Transport Department and the Traffic Police authorities to strictly enforce the rule of compulsory wearing of helmets by motor-cyclists and scooterists.
As a first step in this regard, the transport and traffic officials launched in a big way a motivation drive to encourage citizens about the benefits of wearing helmets while driving two-wheelers. A big ad campaign was also undertaken by putting up posters and flexis at all important junctions and also on main thoroughfares regarding the importance of wearing helmets.
After nearly two months of educating and motivating drive, the police launch a final drive to inform about the helmet rule by catching two-wheelers riding without helmets at many important junctions and busy roads this morning. The traffic police caught the helmet-less riders and warned them that if they fail to wear helmets from Wednesday they would be penalized and even jailed.
Police officials indicated that alo0ng with the implementation of helmet rule, wearing of seat belt for motorists and also possessing required driving license would also be implemented. If a person is caught without a driving license, the vehicle would be seized and released after payment of fine. What is more the person caught would also be convicted for a day till the rising of the court. If the persons is caught for the same offence a second time, then he would be jailed for a day, a third time offence would result in two days imprisonment and fine. Habitual offenders would be jailed for one week and also imposed a heavy penalty.
So citizens do not forget to wear helmets if riding a two-wheeler besides carrying driving license. Also motorists do not forget to wear seat belts, carry driving license. What is more if anyone found talking on mobile phone while driving would also have to face the wrath of police. (NSS)