Helmets to be made compulsory for two-wheeler riders in AP

Hyderabad :Wearing of helmets by two-wheeler riders compulsory in Andhra Pradesh from November 1, Chief Secretary I Y R Krishna Rao announced here today.

According to an official release issued here, at a meeting with transport, home and education department officials today, he said that the Road Safety Council has decided that wearing of helmets by two-wheeler riders would be made compulsory from November 1.

“Under the Motor Vehicles Act, wearing helmets is compulsory. So, there is a need to change people’s mindsets by awareness campaigns about the benefits of wearing helmets,” Rao said, according to the release.

Rao, who had an elaborate discussion with the Officers on Road Safety and wearing of helmets said that departments concerned should monitor and enforce the rule of compulsory helmets for riders.

The Chief Secretary asked officials start an awareness campaign everyday until October 31 by sending bulk SMSes to people, as well as messages on television, besides special classes for college students.

There is a need to create a special website on specifications and availability of helmets, he said.

The Chief Secretary said that no registration will be undertaken from November 1 onwards for new two-wheelers without helmet and directed sufficient helmets to be made available in the market.