Heera group: Lawyer representing Nowhera withdraws from case

HYDERABAD: Vineet Dhanda, a lawyer representing Heera Group of Companies managing director Nowhera Shaik, withdrew in the middle of the case.

According to a report mentioned in Ummid.com, Mr. Dhandha, withdraws after differences emerged over payment to depositors and investors of the Heera Group.

“I can no longer see the sufferings of investors. I am withdrawing from the case on ethical and moral grounds”, Vineet Dhanda said while talking to media.

Dhandha, an advocate, Supreme Court of India said Nowhera had assured to release 200 crore rupees to investors who invested their hard-earned money in the shadowy group but Nowhera, also president of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) backtracked after other lawyers advised her not to do so.

Nowhera Shaikh had promised to release 200 crore rupees to investors. Accordingly, we had also filed affidavits in the Supreme Court. But, on the advice of Advocate Irfan and Advocate Tamanna, Nowhera Shaikh refused to release the payment”, Dhanda said.

“SC judges are asking us to release the payments. I had made assurances in the court. But, after Nowhera Shaikh declined to abide by the assurances I had given to the court, it became difficult for me to continue as her lawyer”, Dhanda said.

Entrepreneur-politician Nowheera is in police custody after she was first arrested by the Hyderabad police on October 16 allegedly duped hundreds of unsuspecting investors across the country.