Heavy rains in Telangana State: People in low-lying areas alerted

Hyderabad: Heavy rains lashing out across the Telangana state. According to the Weather Department, the rain will occur tomorrow i.e. on Sunday. In this context, the officials suggested the people of low lying areas to be alert. They asked the people only come out at emergency conditions. Light to moderate rain occurred in Hyderabad city from 11 am.

Rain with gales occurred in Adilabad district. Highest rainfall registered at Itchoda with 14 centemeters. Indravelli, Jainadh mandals received 13 centimeters rainfall. Pochera, Kuntala falls looking beautiful with rainwater. Flood intensity increased to Penganga at Venatraopet in Sirupur (T) mandal in Kumrambheem Asifabad district. Heavy water was reaching to Penganga due to heavy rains in upper areas. Lonavelli, Parigama, Tonekinni, Venkatraopet areas will be inundated in water due to heavy rains, the officials warned.

Heavy rains were falling in across the erstwhile Khammam district. Khammam, Khammam Rural, Karepalli mandal, Kamepalli, Sathupalli, Illandu, Manuguru, Burgampadu, Raghunathapalem, Madhira mandals were receiving moderate rain. Low lying areas were already filled with rainfall resulting in the people facing severe hardships. Rainwater reached Khammam Third Town colonies. Mayuri Koodali, Bus Stand Center became water log. (NSS)