Heat wave grips Nagpur, throws life out of gear

Nagpur (Maharashtra) : The people in Maharashtra’s Nagpur city continue to bear the brunt of scorching heat as temperature soars to over 45 degrees Celsius.

“We are in distress. It is now even difficult to go out as you start sweating the moment you step out in the sun. It has become difficult to go outside. We don’t even feel like going out of the AC or cooler fitted rooms,” said Himesh Apte, a local resident.

The roadside vendors and drinks kiosks have been doing brisk business as the people queue up to keep themselves hydrated in the sizzling heat.

Another resident, Subhash Gaitonde, hoped for an early monsoon so that the people could get some respite from the excruciating heat.

“The weather is very torrid. We are hoping for monsoon to arrive soon,” said Gaitonde.

Nagpur sizzled under the torrid sun as the people were seen taking protective measures.

The Ministry of Earth Sciences has attributed the hotter climate to the El Nino effect. (ANI)