Heart touching: Mulk director Anubhav Sinha conveys #LoveAMuslim message

Bollywood director Anubhav Sinha during a talk on NDTV along with the team of his latest movie Mulk explained what ‘Islamic terrorism’ is all about and where did the concept come from. He says, US created the brand of Islamic terrorism and sold the brand to the rest of the world via TV channels; generations after generations. He said every individual has to make an effort to break the stereotype.

Mr Sinha further stated that Muslims were mostly killed in the name of Islamic terrorism. The Middle East is the most affected region, where Muslims live. He says, this is not riot; though it is terrorism, this is not Islamic terrorism. Because Islam couldn’t teach to kill Muslims. While they are killing Muslims in the name of Islamic terrorism.

Anubhav Sinha claims, the day when terrorism and Islamic terrorism are separated, you will start loving your neighbour. The only solution is to love them.

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