Heart beat of Indians and Africans are in rhythm: PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: The meeting of India and African nations brings one third of humanity under one roof, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday at the India-Africa Forum Summit.

“The heart beat of 1.25 billion Indians and 1.25 billion Africans are in rhythm. It is not just a meeting of India and Africa. Today, the dreams of one-third of humanity have come together under one roof,” Modi said addressing the summit.

“We have spoken in one voice in the world and we have formed a partnership of prosperity among ourselves,” he said.
The prime minister said the relation between India and Africa are above strategic and economic interests.
Modi also said India will help in building infrastructure in Africa.

“We will help connect Africa… We will help develop infrastructure, power and help add value to your resources,” Modi said addressing head of the different African nations here at the summit.