`Healthy` Hillary Clinton `good to go` for US Presidential run

Washington DC, Aug 1 : Hillary Clinton, who dealt with a blood clot in a vein between her brain and skull in 2012, recently received a clean chit from her physician stating that she is all okay to compete in the 2016 US President run.

The team of the former First Lady of the US released a disclosure mentioning that the 67-year-old wife of Bill Clinton, who underwent cholesterol, blood pressure and other major cancer screenings and exams, showed no such signs of illness infact she is in “excellent condition and fit to serve as president”, People Magazine reported.

The physician, Dr. Mark Creager also noted that the former US secretary of state has minor problems related to common thyroid condition, seasonal allergies and precautionary use of a blood thinner after the blood clot scare, but “there’s no red flags”.

Another doctor added to the disclosure that Clinton has a healthy lifestyle via practicing yoga, swimming, walking and weight training, and sticks to a diet packed with lean proteins, fruit and vegetable while refraining from smoking keeps her at a bay from health issues. (ANI)