HealthSoul: empowering healthcare, empowering lives

New Delhi: With the Internet becoming the way of life, people today find most of their answers on this greatest gift of technology. Studies show that almost half of the world population are ardent internet users and the number is growing incessantly. And, with the community of netizens growing, it has become quite evident that people today take a lot of decisions based on reviews available on the internet.

Even to find information about healthcare facilities, the hoi polloi is seen using the net for help. Patients and their families are consulting online review sites more than ever to determine where they should book an appointment to receive treatment. According to reports, 77% of prospective patients use the internet as their first step to finding a doctor. So, it has become epochal to have reliable online sources of healthcare information backed with reviews and ratings.

HealthSoul is one such company, which has been doing a commendable job in helping the masses with their desired health care services. Right from finding the coveted doctor to getting the apt health insurance policy, the Company has always stood upright in enabling people to make informed healthcare choices based on authentic reviews and ratings. Ever since its inception, the Company is striving hard to make a healthy world by empowering people with easy access to healthcare services through the extensive data available on the portal. The site lets users browse and find doctors, infirmaries and insurance policies depending on location, specialty, condition, and procedure.

About more than a million people today rely on HealthSoul to make inquiries, evaluate and connect with physicians and other healthcare professionals for their medical needs. The founder of the company, Dr.Ish Singla, with his long years of experience as a physician, completely understands the needs and necessities of the patients and thus, came up with this brilliant idea of starting an online platform to help them. With his expertise in the field, he truly fathoms the fact that when patients look for a doctor, along with the medical transaction they also look for certain other attributes of the physician like his behavior, compassion etc., which cannot be predicted at the outset. So, he with his partner, Deepali Singla, started the mission to help these patients by providing them with authentic reviews about doctors and other healthcare facilities provided by other patients. And, their efforts have been proven fruitful, as they have successfully helped thousands of people to find their preferred medical services based on reviews and ratings.

Apart from being one of the most reliable online sources for patients to get information, the site is also instrumental for doctors to reach out to their prospective patients. Research shows that an astounding 94% of the internet users, who have visited online review sites, reckon the reviews to be helpful. Experts opine that patient experience can lead to enhanced medical care if the doctor and patient can build a strong connection. Moreover, with the reviews flowing in numbers, insurance companies are weaving “Patient Experience” into their contracts with doctors. Hence, it has become vital for doctors to develop a meaningful connection with their patients and there can’t be anything more helpful than a web portal like HealthSoul. Over the years, the website has helped hundreds of physicians to get in touch with their patients by getting their name listed on the portal. So, this can absolutely help the doctors to get to their patients and establish the connection.

When the Company started its operation in 2017 in Illinois, USA, within a few months, it developed several innovative promotions to obtain genuine healthcare reviews and ratings. They also executed organic market research to acquire listings, paid healthcare providers and healthcare users. And, since then there’s no looking back. The Company in a short span of time has pulled out all the stops to become one of the most trusted online healthcare review sites with thousands of users in India and the USA. With expansion plans, the Company is hoping to get a worldwide presence in the years to come. Although relatively new, yet the Company is making the right noise in the online healthcare industry by empowering the lives of people.

As the market is full of fraudulent websites, HealthSoul is trying to bring a change by providing unfeigned reviews of patients or customers. Many industry experts have shown their admiration and recommend the portal as one of the most promising upcoming online review sites, which is going to make a stir in the years to follow. With acknowledgment and appreciation, the Company is expected to grow at a faster rate and looking at the current picture it doesn’t seem like a far-fetched dream. This story is provided by NewsVoir.