Health ministry issues advisory on dengue after rain

New Delhi: The union health ministry on Saturday issued an advisory to the Delhi government to intensify vector control measures over fears that rainfall may escalate the dengue outbreak.

“In view of rains today (Saturday) morning and forecast by the India Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of water stagnation in containers and disposed plastic and junk material giving rise to breeding of Aedes mosquitoes,” the advisory read.

The Aedes mosquitoes transmit the virus that causes dengue fever.

The ministry advised that vector control measures “need to be intensified” to contain dengue.
“You are requested to instruct all concerned officials and department to intensify the efforts,” it said.
Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda said the government was “closely monitoring” the situation and the advisory was issued following the fresh spell of rain.

Earlier, the health ministry had directed hospitals under the central government to not deny treatment to any patient suffering from fever.

In addition, the Delhi government has been asked to increase bed strength to accommodate dengue patients in the city’s hospitals.

Adequate stocks of test kits to detect dengue were available with 514 surveillance hospitals and apex referral labs, the health ministry said.